Selecting The Correct Metal Finishing In Detroit System

Selecting The Correct Metal Finishing In Detroit System

Finishing systems provide a way to improve the finish on metal parts by cleaning, deburring, deflashing, descaling, polishing or otherwise smoothing and refining surfaces. Finishing metal components can make them safer to work with, more suitable for manufacturing standards and shinier for marketing purposes. When you need to finish parts, you shouldSelecting The Correct Metal Finishing In Detroit System and media to do the job correctly.


Finishing systems typically land into two main categories, differentiated by the way they create friction: tumble and vibratory finishing. Listed below is some more information about those solutions.

  • Tumble finishing: In tumble finishing systems, also called tumbling barrel finishing, you place parts into a rotating horizontal barrel. The rotation causes the parts to move up the side of the barrel and slide back down, making them collide with each other.
  • Vibratory finishing: In vibratory finishing systems, you place metal pieces into a tumbler. The force in the vibratory tumbler causes the media and parts to rub against each other, deburring and polishing the parts. Vibratory finishing can achieve a smoother finish than tumble finishing.


In both of these system types, you place the parts that need finishing into the tumbler along with water, a compounding agent and some type of abrasive media, such as ceramic, steel or plastic. Different types of blasting media can deburr and polish various materials.


While tumble finishing and vibratory systems are the two main finishing systems, various types of equipment fall into these categories. For instance, you can find vibratory deburring equipment in the form of bowls, tubs and thru-feed machines. Detroit tumble finishing systems come in traditional barrel machines, centrifugal systems, which we’ll discuss more and tumble blasting machines. With tumble blasting equipment, parts are rotated slowly and randomly exposed to an abrasive.


Other types of metal finishing in Detroit systems are centrifugal, tumble blasting and spindle and slurry systems, which use various methods of finishing parts. Below is some additional information about those methods.

  • Centrifugal: Centrifugal systems, which come in centrifugal disc and barrel machines, use centrifugal force to push the parts and the media inside the machine against the periphery of the tumbler.
  • Spindle and slurry: In spindle and slurry systems, also known as flowing abrasive machines, you insert parts mounted to a rotary spindle into a rapidly moving abrasive slurry.


Automotive Tumbling is the company you can count on when you need high-quality finishing solutions. Partnering with our company of Detroit metal finishing services experts can streamline your process and save you a great deal of time and money. Our state of art machines are suitable for any size finishing projects. In addition, we provide all of our customers with a 100%satisfaction guarantee. Below are some of the Fundamentals related to the process of Metal finishing.

  • The purpose of surface finishing is to clean, deburr, deflash, descale, polish, otherwise treat/prep a metal surface to give it a bright surface appearance for marketing, safe edges for assembly into another device, RA/RMS surface profile with flatness (i.e. engines, transmissions, medical implants, to jet engines to name a few.)
  • Aluminum is a nonferrous metal, meaning it has no iron and is not susceptible to rust. Other nonferrous metals that are often finished include stainless steel, copper, zinc and titanium. Ferrous metals that frequently undergo finishing include carbon steel, alloy steel and cast/ductile iron.
  • Deburring is the process of removing burrs, or small, unwanted loose hanging pieces of material from a machining, cutting, fabrication process. Manual deburring is done with sandpaper and handheld tools. Also, mass mechanical finishing would be with a media/stones and a vibratory machine.
  • At Automotive Tumbling, we have systems for whichever finishing processes you wish to pursue. Our inventory of finishing products includes round bowl vibratory machines, tub-style deburring machines, continuous/thru-feed-style vibratory deburring machines, centrifugal high-energy systems and spindle and slurry deburring systems.