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If your business involves machining operations such as grinding, drilling or turning, burrs are a common but often unavoidable problem. At Automotive Tumbling, we offer a wide range of industrial metal finishing services in Detroit includes innovative deburring processes that effectively remove sharp edges, raised surfaces and other imperfections to improve the finish of your materials. We combine cutting-edge deburring and finishing equipment with an unparalleled level of metal finishing industry expertise that will help you improve quality, reduce rejection rates and minimize production costs. With vibratory deburring from Automotive Tumbling, you get the same 100% satisfaction guarantee that has made us an industry leader for more than 70 years.


Vibratory deburring in Detroit removes the rough edges from parts and enables them to fit together more efficiently. This leads to fewer part rejections as well as improved safety. In addition, deburring is an important step in preparing parts for painting. From an aesthetic standpoint, deburrring improves the appearance of the part, as it removes imperfections that can detract from the cosmetic appeal. Most importantly, deburring will improve the performance, durability and reliability of your parts, resulting in lower lifecycle costs for your company. While deburring is most commonly used on metal materials, vibratory finishing can also be used on plastic and even wood in certain situations.


Automotive Tumbling's vibratory deburring processes include the use of round bowl deburring equipment, which implements a combination of media, water and chemical additives to remove rough edges and defects from part surfaces. The vibration causes the media to rotate with a corkscrew action that provides the impetus for the deburring process. The round bowls feature a separation deck that separates and retrieves the media from the parts at the end of the deburring cycle. The relatively slow process of vibratory finishing provides a more efficient cost-per-part analysis. The unique media flow action allows for the mass immersion of parts, offering the flexibility for a gentle or more aggressive  process.


Automotive Tumbling has the capabilities to provide deburring for virtually any type of industrial operation, regardless of size. We can even take on high production deburring and finishing projects for which other metal finishing industry companies may not have the knowledge or resources to meet the high quality standards you demand and deserve. We are proud to be the #1 rated Metal Tumbling And Deburring Detroit company!

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Automotive Tumbling offers cost-effective Detroit vibratory deburring processes that are an invaluable asset in your quest to improve quality, reduce lead times and enhance your competitive position in the marketplace. We provide our value-added metal finishing in Detroit services to industries such as automotive, manufacturing, electronics and telecommunications. As a customer-focused metal finishing company, we are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction on every single project.

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